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Ruby Blue and The Magic Glasses
by Ruby Blue

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<h2>Ruby Blue didn't plan on spending the rest of his life trapped in a remote valley in Hawaii!</h2> <h3>A true &#x201C;once-anupa-time&#x201D; adventure from the magical land of aloha.</h3> Escape to a beautiful warm tropical island paradise, but don't get comfortable - this is not a vacation. &#x201C;Powerful Magic!&#x201D; – &#x201C;Huggable Aloha!&#x201D; Many years ago, Alfred, a legendary aloha shirt maker decided to start a top secret project known only to a select few. &#x201C;Huggable Aloha&#x201D; was set to teach the world about the power of the &#x201C;Spirit of Aloha&#x201D;. Tragically, the project was swept away by the tsunami that hit Hilo Bay in 1960, or was it? Learn the truth as this mystery adventure unfolds. There are special places in this world where Magic is more abundant - Hawaii is such a place. In a magic land where green sea turtles (Honu), geckos (Mo&#x2018;o), and owls (Pueo) can speak, the &#x201C;Spirit of Aloha&#x201D; lives on, but it needs to be set free. Is Ruby Blue the right person for the job? It&#x2019;s doubtful, since he doesn&#x2019;t even understand the power of the &#x201C;Magic Glasses&#x201D;. His magician father gave him the glasses, and it seems that regardless of how clueless he is, the &#x201C;Magic&#x201D; wants to have its way. Travel back in time to the late 1950s - back when Elvis Presley was just a prince - not yet the king. Journey forward through the years to the present day in a tropical paradise - Hawaii. "Ruby Blue and The Magic Glasses is a very unique story that will surprise readers of all ages." Much of the artwork in this book is 3D. Paper frame anaglyph glasses will work fine, but are not needed to enjoy this story. 3D Anaglyph glasses are available here at Amazon, or on the author's website. Note: If you wear reading glasses, these glasses can be worn right in front of them. <h2>Click the Buy Now button to download <i>Ruby Blue</i> today!</h2>

Ruby Blue and The Magic Glasses Ruby Blue
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